Sensor data for animal health and welfare

Sensor data for animal health and welfare: ICAR Members’ present perspectives and future applications

30 janvier 2024


On 30 January at h. 19.30 (Paris time) the second webinar of the Brian Wickham Young Person EX2 Series webinars is planned.



The second webinar of the BWYPEX EX2 Series, presented by Katharina Schodl (ZuchtData), focuses on sensor data from as a valuable source of information for monitoring and improving the health and welfare of dairy cows.

Sensors can measure various physiological, behavioral, and environmental parameters, such as body temperature, heart rate, activity, location, feed intake, air quality and more. These data can be used to detect diseases, injuries, heat stress, estrus, calving, lameness, and other conditions that affect animal health and welfare.

By using sensor data farmers, veterinarians, advisors, and researchers can gain insights into the individual and collective needs of animals and provide them with appropriate care and interventions. On the long run, these data may also be used for large scale phenotyping for functional traits in breeding. On farm level, sensor data can help to optimize animal management, nutrition, reproduction, and productivity.

During the webinar, Katharina will present her experiences from the BWYPEX and sum up the most important insights she gained on present perspectives and future applications of sensor data and their value for the future of dairy farming.

Participation is free upon registration here.
More information on the webinar can be found in a specific brochure that has been produced to present the webinar (here)

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