PhenoHarmonIS Workshop 2024

PhenoHarmonIS Workshop 2024: Data & Dialogue: Agrifood semantics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Du 27 mai 2024 au 30 mai 2024

Institut Agro Montpellier, France

In the evolving landscape of digital technologies for agricultural and food systems, the PhenoHarmonIS2024 workshop will serve as a key touchpoint for technical experts working at the intersection of data and information science and diverse agricultural knowledge domains.


PhenoHarmonIS Workshop


The workshop's historical focus has been on the role of agrisemantics in FAIR principles, a role that needs now, thanks to rapid advances in natural language (NLP) processing, to extend to innovative AI-driven digital tools. AI technologies often rely on extensive data encapsulated in large language models (LLMs), potentially lacking precision in specialist areas such as agri-food research. Agrisemantics and other open symbolic knowledge representations may play a critical role in ensuring responsible applications of AI in agri-food, bridging the gap between machine-generated content and actionable knowledge. Key questions must be addressed: What are the needs in terms of standards, flows, curation to prepare data for use by these technologies? How might we improve the user experience and transform data into dialogue, aiming to establish dynamic communication channels between users and agricultural data that both leverages and builds the right knowledge base? The PhenoHarmonIS “community of communities” is uniquely positioned to bring some coherence to the NLP moment and drive agendas for action for agriculture and food.

The workshop will include such as field trial data, high-throughput phenotyping and agronomy datasets, agroecology and, for the first time, will include water management, as well as food technology, data transparency the food chain, particularly in the production segment, and socio-economics.

Key topics of interest:

  • Data preparation for AI: Data standards, ontologies, self contained data (RO Crate),
  • What technologies, practices can help linking biophysical data with their sociological, economical, ethnological context? 
  • Leveraging knowledge graphs to guide responsible GenAI and reduce “hallucination”
  • Surfacing the specific aspects of AI / data governance and ethics that must be addressed in our sector, and proposing what to do about them
  • Can GenAI both leverage accurate “ethical” data and contribute to building knowledge base(s) for it in agrifood?
  • Food systems dialogue, at scale:   advisory, value chain transparency,...
  • Can GenAI contribute to the construction of knowledge bases for ethical data in the agri-food industry?
  • How to generate data-user dialogues in different languages? AI-guided translation into various languages.
  • AI: use cases of where it works (including Text mining)
  • Gaps in data, context of data

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Elizabeth Arnaud - Alliance Bioversity-CIAT
Céline Aubert - Alliance Bioversity-CIAT
Marcia Petraglia - Alliance Bioversity-CIAT

Pascal Neveu - INRAE - MISTEA
Fabienne Schneider - INRAE
Martha Lucia Enriquez - #DigitAg
Gabrielle Lartia - #DigitAg


Pascal Neveu, Clément Jonquet - INRAE - MISTEA
Brian King - CGIAR
Jacob van Etten, Elizabeth Arnaud, Marie-Angélique Laporte - Alliance Bioversity-CIAT
Pankaj Jaiswal - Oregon State University
Martha Lucia ENRIQUEZ - #DigitAg

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