[Post-doc] Jon Kim

[Post-doc] Jon Kim: Interdisciplinarity and Interdisciplinary collaboration in the #DigitAg

Post-doc topic funded by #DigitAg We welcome Jon into the #DigitAg Executive Comitee, for 18 months, to study the implementation of interdisciplinarity within the Institute.

Interdisciplinarity and Interdisciplinary collaboration in the #DigitAg

Jon Kim

We welcome Jon into the #DigitAg Executive Comitee, for 18 months, to study the implementation of interdisciplinarity within the Institute.

A summary of his background:
I specialize in the sociology of science and technology, often referred to as Science, Technology and Society (STS). My thesis, co-supervised by the University of Lille (sociology) and the University of Lausanne (political science), focuses on the development of major neuroscience projects. More generally, my research focuses on the intersection of the digital with various fields in terms of politics and interdisciplinary collaboration. I'm increasingly interested in the co-evolution of digital and environmental transitions. In particular, I'm interested in examining how public policy, technologies and interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral work co-develop. From this perspective, digital agriculture is an important and constructive field.
Based at l'UMR MoISA, I'm doing my post-doc on the implementation of interdisciplinarity within #DigitAg.

  • Starting date:  2nd January 2024
  • Discipline(s)/Spécialité(s): Sociology, Political Science, STS
  • Supervisors: Karine Gauche, UMR MoISA, Institut Agro - Véronique Bellon-Maurel, UMR Itap, Inrae, Pierre-Benoit Joly, Inrae

Keywords: digitalization, collaboration, interdisciplinarity, infrastructure, boundary work

Abstract: My research project delves into how actors from various disciplines and sectors collaborate, constantly renegotiating boundaries between them and redefining what digital agriculture is and ought to be within #DigitAg amid changing political, organizational, and technological environments. For this purpose, I will conduct interviews with involved actors including #DigitAg members and direct observations at sites. Although I am conscious that technological development is typically continuous rather than radically disruptive in most cases, I focus on cutting-edge digital technologies, especially those aimed at small and family-sized farms.

Contact: jongheon.kim [AT] inrae.fr

Social networks: ResearchGate - Twitter

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Communications / Papers

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