Mobilab AgroTIC - Occitanum

Mobilab AgroTIC - Occitanum

The AgroTIC mobilab is an innovative device that offers animations on digital technologies by meeting the agricultural world directly in the field.

The demonstrations, specifically devoted to "sensors, sensor networks and connected objects", make professionals in the sector aware of the opportunities offered by digital technology by showing them how simple and innovative low-cost solutions work.

The Mobile Workshop during the MedAgri exhibition.

This original initiative allows :

  • The actors of the agricultural sector to better understand the recent technological evolutions, in a playful and practical way
  • Service providers to identify and understand the needs and challenges in agriculture
  • To explore new innovative solutions in agriculture
Want to develop your own sensor? We have already done it for you! Soil moisture sensor, operate a pump remotely, make a timelapse of a plot during a season, ... Discover the Mobilab Github with all the related tutorials!

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