Introduction to the tool "AMAROK e-SANTE AGRI"

Introduction to the tool "AMAROK e-SANTE AGRI"

10 November 2023


#DigitAg has organized a webinar presenting the "AMAROK e-SANTE AGRI" tool, developed as part of the LabEx "Entreprendre" program, on November 10, 2023 from 11am to 12pm. Watch the video of Prof. Olivier Torres (University of Montpellier)!


"AMAROK e-SANTE AGRI" assesses farmers' occupational health, with an integrated burnout risk screening system which, depending on the level detected, can trigger an alert. The system is working well (over 1,000 assessments in a short space of time) and is currently being deployed by the Saône et Loire Chamber of Agriculture and the Languedoc MSA, and soon by the MiDi Pyrénées MSA. Guyana is expected to follow suit shortly.

Olivier Torres, from the University of Montpellier (MRM laboratory) hosted this 40-minute webinar, followed by a time for discussion.

To know more about the tool : Santé de l'agriculteur et attractivité de l'agriculture : deux impératifs à concilier (


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