Plan a geolocation data acquisition campaign

Plan a geolocation data acquisition campaign - AgroTIC training Session 2

16 October 2023

Bricolab, Instit Agro Montpellier

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The aim of this training course is to learn how to organize field data collection using the free tools QGIS and Mergin Maps.

Acquiring spatial data is necessary to understand phenomena on the scale of a plot, a group of plots or a territory. This is particularly the case for disease monitoring, monitoring practices, etc. However, acquiring and managing such data can be complicated when carried out over a long period of time or by several operators. How can we ensure that data is not collected redundantly, in the right place or with omissions? In this training course, we'll show you how to acquire spatial data simply and efficiently. You'll learn how to set up a tried-and-tested acquisition chain based on the use of a smartphone and QGIS. You'll leave with all the best practices for the acquisition and data management phases.


  • Understand the importance of collecting data in a structured, methodical way to ensure reliability and ease of subsequent processing
  • Set up an acquisition chain based on the use of a smartphone and QGIS software
  • Create data entry forms suitable for use in the field
  • Manage unforeseen situations in the field

Training price: 425 € net de taxes / participant

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Modification date : 21 December 2023 | Publication date : 18 July 2023