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Calls for projects and other support mechanisms: Who makes up the #DigitAg Digital Agriculture community ? How can you join it to contribute and to benefit from its programmes?
Researchers and lecturers, welcome to our Digital Agriculture community, where the social and management sciences work in synergy with the engineering and agricultural sciences to assist farmers. 

Scientific activity at #DigitAg is largely built on interdisciplinary research in digital agriculture by 30 member research units of its founding organisations. The core of this research is made up of the thesis topics of doctoral students, co-financed with the founding or labelled organisations, and internships for Master2 or equivalent students, as well as for post-doctoral students and researchers.

#DigitAg is one of the 10 French Convergence Labs and also the Convergence Lab of the i-site MUSE. Based in Montpellier, its goal is to ensure international outreach, in particular towards the global South. Most of its units are located in Montpellier, but also in Toulouse, Rennes and Avignon.


The #DigitAg community: Who belongs to it? How can you join it?


#DigitAg  member researchers 

  • You belong to a #DigitAg member research unit.
  • You have been declared a member of #DigitAg by your unit director. If this is not the case, your director will regularise your #DigitAg status in the annual HR declaration.
  • All of the support and coordination mechanisms are open to you

Associate researchers from a founding member institute

Partner Researchers from a non-founding member institute

CfP and other #DigitAg scientific support and coordination mechanisms

Pending CfP’sAll the CfP’s

Upload here the 2020-2021 annual schedule and the list of CfP’s

Your #DigitAg contacts: 

  • For your application forms, financial or administrative matters :

Martha Lucia Enriquez, INRAE, martha.enriquez-lenis [AT] (chef de projet #DigitAg)

Elodie Merlier, Institut Agro, elodie.merlier [AT] (chef de projet Graduate School)

Gabrielle Lartia, INRAE, gabrielle.lartia [AT] – 04 67 16 64 34 (assistante de direction)

  • #DigitAg scientific coordination > Isabelle Piot-Lepetit – isabelle.piot-lepetit [AT]
  • The institutes’ representatives > Cirad : Pascal Bonnet, INRAE : Isabelle Piot-Lepetit / James Taylor, Inria : Alexandre Termier, Institut Agro: Carole Sinfort, Université de Montpellier : Sophie Mignon / Delphine Petit, AgroParisTech : Pierre-Yves Vion, Acta-Instituts techniques : François Brun
  • The heads of your units

contact [AT]