The Lab members


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3 Research Institutes

INRAE – National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment

On Jan 1, 2020, INRA and Irstea merged to become INRAE

  • Coordination of the project
  • Public scientific and technical institute (EPST) under the joint authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Cropping and farming systems, livestock production, high throughput phenotyping, precision agriculture, precision livestock farming, agro-ecosystem modelling and simulation, knowledge engineering and decision-support systems in agriculture, environment and bio-resources, technical and organizational innovation in agriculture, innovative collaborative tools for science in society, Technologies for sustainable agriculture, water management and land planning
  • Support for public policies, territorial authorities and economic actors
  • Strong links with socio-economic partners through several Carnot Institutes
INRIA – French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics

  • Public scientific and technical institute (EPST) under the joint authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry for the Economy
  • Digital sciences: Big data management, data mining, knowledge representation and inference, and artificial intelligence techniques for decision aid
Cirad – French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development

  • Public establishment (EPIC) under the joint authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions: Food security, climate change, natural resource management, reduction of inequalities and poverty alleviation

Research Units

3 Institutions of Higher Education

University of Montpellier – A Multidisciplinary University with strong focus on health, the environment and agriculture

  • A research-intensive university where education and research cover most of the Scientific and Technological fields: Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences and Health studies
  • #DigitAg topics :Private Law applied to innovation, Economics, Management Sciences, Electronics and photonics, Data management, data mining
Institut Agro – Montpellier SupAgro

  • A major higher-education institute which addresses 4 scientific priorities through education, research and development programmes: sustainable food systems, agroecology transition, predictive engineering, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Education expertise in training for engineer, Master and PhD degree students
AgroParisTech  (Montpellier)

  • Higher-level training programme in geoinformation (SILAT Master of Advanced Studies – MAS)
  • Executive short programmes in GeoInformation for Agriculture and the Environment and an Advanced Certificate in Applied GeoInformation

The Graduate School & master degrees

2 Transfer Structures

Agricultural technical institutes (ATI) of ACTA

  • Network of 14 Agricultural Technical Institutes (ATI) which represent the applied research level of the French agricultural research and development system
  • Missions of public interest in relation with the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • The Agricultural Technical Institutes are aimed to meet farmers’ expectations in terms of research in order to give them expertise that is directly applicable. They play major roles in scientific and technical watch, experimentation, knowledge assembly, dissemination and training, support to public policies.
  • The following ATI are participating:
    • IDELE – The French Livestock Institute is the French national technical reference and normative body in livestock farming systems.
    • ARVALIS – Institut du végétal deals with cereals, maize, potatoes, flax, tobacco and forage crops.
    • IFV – The French institute of vine and wine conducts studies for the whole French wine industry, on clonal selection and plant material breeding, vine growing, vineyard management, wine making and marketing
    • ITAVI – The French Poultry Technical Institute addresses poultry, rabbit, and fish production
    • TERRES INOVIA deals with oilseed crops and pulses

  • AxLR is a technology transfer acceleration company, helping innovative projects derived from academic research to reach maturity and commercialization
  • AxLR works with the main public-sector research laboratories in the South of France (over 200 laboratories and some 12,000 researchers)

8 Compagnies


IDATE DigiWorld is an associative think tank in Montpellier, dedicated to tracking telecom, Internet and media markets.

  • Its members are 50 major players in the digital economy.
  • Three lines of business: DigiWorld Institute, DigiWorld Research and IDATE Consulting.
  • Their core expertise in #Digitag is related to knowledge of the Internet of things, Big Data and the impacts for vertical markets of digital technologies.

  • Agriscope is a technological company providing sensors data and services to Agricultural companies and research.
  • The core expertise is based on hardware and software systems using remote sensing.
Fruition Sciences

  • Fruition Sciences carries out research and development projects which range from once-off consultancy to long-term collaborations
  • The core expertise is the use of sap flow sensors to save water, increase yield and fruit quality

  • ITK develops decision-making tools for sustainable and integrated agriculture. They enable farmers to better plan their interventions regarding irrigation, fertilization, pests control…
  • The core expertise is based on mechanistic agricultural models

  • Pera-Pellenc is expert in the setting up of wineries and handling of the whole process from grape reception to grape must
  • The core technology is layout supervision via automation

  • SMAG is the only French player on the market that combines agricultural software publishing and a global multi channels offering (software and agri-environmental services), e.g. precision farming, BigData, mobile applications, IoT
  • The core expertise is: web and mobile platform for agriculture, new business models (SaaS, BtoBtoC), new web architectures (cloud, webservices), Precision Farming, IoT, BigData, Agronomic Decision Making Tools

  • TerraNIS operates worldwide Pixagri and Œnoview® services which are respectively dedicated to agriculture and vineyards monitoring
  • TerraNIS team has more than 20 years of experience in the development of applications in the Earth Observation domain.

  • VIVELYS research and development team is focused on the quality of the grape and of the oenological process
  • Their core expertise is focused on: grape profile, quality of harvest ; vine water status ; extraction and oxygenation of musts of white wines; continuous follow-up of optical densities during the extraction in red wines; active yeasts starters; control fermentations; automatic or assisted control of micro-oxygenation; Management of the wine–wood matrix coupling