Who are we?

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#DigitAg – the Digital Agriculture Convergence Laboratory conducts interdisciplinary research between agronomic sciences, engineering sciences (computer science, mathematics, electronics, physics, etc.) and social and management sciences (economics, sociology, management), bringing together more than 570 experts in these fields to produce the scientific and pedagogical bases necessary to the harmonious deployment of digital agriculture in France, Europe and the South. #DigitAg gathers a consortium of 16 public and private partners and 29 research units. It has been granted a 9,9M€ support by the PIA (Program of Investment for the Future) for 8 years (2016-2024).

At the heart of our research activities, around 100 doctoral students have been or will be recruited to boost knowledge creation in digital agriculture. The innovations resulting from our research will benefit from support from the company AxLR.

#DigitAg also provides initial and ongoing training with the creation of a Graduate School, in other words the multidisciplinary grouping of 20 Masters and Specialised Masters, which all train students who will be able to embark on careers in digital agriculture. Its originality: four new interdisciplinary Masters courses in the pipeline, a hands-on learning site and eight member companies of #DigitAg that have committed to training and hosting students.

What do we do?

Working for farmers and all types of agriculture, #DigitAg brings actors together in several interdisciplinary programmes to create knowledge concerning the use of digital tools in agriculture and new digital methods and technologies, the innovations of the future.

What solutions are available to produce more and more sustainably? To increase farmers’ income and to foster their inclusion in society? And what are the associated risks?

  • We study information and communication technologies (ICT) in agriculture through the synergies between our different disciplines: agronomy, engineering sciences (computer science, mathematics, electronics, physics, etc.), social and management sciences (economics, sociology, management)… [our research areas]
  • We train higher education students and professionals in the field, we encourage new teaching practices and create new training courses, modules and summer schools [our Graduate School]
  • We accelerate the production of new knowledge through the young scientists supervised within the Institute: we support 100 original interdisciplinary thesis subjects, 150 Masters 2 internships and post-doctorates,
  • We innovate with the support of connected mechanisms: the digital agriculture observatory, the hands-on learning site, territorial research-action through the OccitANum living lab project, early detection and assistance for project development, support for hackathons, etc.
  • At the international level: we support internal and external mobilities of researchers and lecturers, we co-organise and support international conferences, and we participate in research and training programmes in partnership with the countries of the South and the North.

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Our keywords

  • Issues linked to digital agriculture: sustainable development, agroecology, inclusion, agricultural income, risks (climate, plant health, etc.), animal well-being, food security, food quality, decision support, territorial management, frugal innovation, ethics, confidentiality, management, etc.
  • Solutions linked to digital agriculture: artificial intelligence (big data), sensors, connected objects, smartphones, satellite imagery, drones, Internet of things, models, high-throughput phenotyping, etc.
  • We do not work in robotics, but we may be called upon to work with robotics engineers to implement our technologies or to provide them with our sensor solutions.

Contact us

We are situated in Montpellier (France, Occitanie region) with satellite sites in Toulouse, Rennes and Avignon
(in the PACA region, but included in the Montpellier research ecosystem because of its proximity).

#DigitAg Digital Agriculture Convergence Lab
c/o INRAE, 361 Rue Jean François Breton, F-34196 Montpellier cedex 5, France
contact@hdigitag.fr – +(33) 4 67 04 63 00 – come to us

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