Theme 1 – Value creation

Monday, May 10th (8 — 10 a.m. Chicago/3 — 5 p.m. Paris)

OFE is a shared, self-sustaining farmer-centric process of change. Value is essential to its development and success. With the aim of enhancing interest, trust and investment in OFE, this webinar will ask: How is value created? How is value shared? Who gains from OFE? and How can science & technology improve OFE processes? Experience suggests that farmers need little persuasion to engage; on-farm experimentation is a process they already do and understand. But to scale up, we need to recognize how OFE creates value, how value is shared, and how scientific disciplines can contribute. In addition to general insights, we need to explain impact pathways for OFE which contrast markedly with those for conventional research. Clarity on the value propositions offered by OFE will help bridge diverse views from around the world. This webinar will bring together specialists from agronomy, agro-economics and social sciences to clarify and explain the value of OFE. It will also set the scene for the following 3 webinars on the People and Processes, Data and Analytics, and Policy Linkages.


Moderated by Prof Simon Cook, Murdoch University.