LIRMM : Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics

Data sciences – Artificial Intelligence – Algorithms & Computation – Robotics – Micro electronics

 Scientific fields: Computer science, Microelectronics, Robotics

 The LIRMM lab brings to the #DigitAg Institute competencies and expertise in computer science in the fields of data sciences, artificial intelligence and algorithms, in microelectronics in the fields of design and test of integrated circuits, sensors and microsystems and in robotics in the fields of design and control of robots.

 Research axis #DigitAg:  3 – 4 – 5
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Director:  Philippe Poignet – +33 (0)4 67 41 85 00
Organizations – Tutelage: University of Montpellier – CNRS  |  Partners : Inria, Université Paul Valéry, Université de Perpignan Via Domitia
Research topics

Data sciences

  • Data management
  • Data mining
  • Ontology

Artificial Intelligence

  • Knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Constraints reasoning and acquisition

Algorithms & computations

  • Graph theory and algorithms
  • Theory of computation and complexity
  • Computer algebra and cryptography
  • Bioinformatics


  • Design of integrated circuits
  • Adaptive embebded systems
  • Fiability and test

Robotics – From design to control of robots and implanted devices

  • Parallel robots and production systems
  • Robots for exploration
  • Humanoid robots and human-robot interaction
  • Robotics and Health (Surgical robots, neurostimulation, image processing)
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