INNOVATION: Innovation and Development in Agriculture and Food

innovation – advisory services – co design of farming system – food system – quality scheme – access to food – territorial governance – urban rural relationship

 Scientific fields : Geography, sociology, economy, management, agronomy

INNOVATION brings to #DigitAg its expertise (skills) regarding the economic and social dimension of digital agriculture, the changes due to the development of digital agriculture at territory and value chain level (new institutional arrangements, processes of inclusion or exclusion), the participatory design of innovation to really answer the local actors’ needs.

The objectives of our research are to foster the design and diffusion of technological and organizational innovations useful for farmers and in line with the sustainable agriculture standards.

 Research axis #DigitAg: 1 – 2   |    Challenges : 1 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8
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Director: Guy Faure – +33 (0)4 67 61 65 87
Organizations : Cirad – Inra – Montpellier SupAgro
We analyze the actors’ systems (practices, strategies, discourses, networks, institutional context, etc.). We address several thematic domains: agricultural production systems, agrifood products and markets, access to food and consumer practices, territorial planning and urban agriculture, and R & D and advisory organizations. These themes are addressed at various levels (farm, territory, market, public policy), based on field work which focuses on and compares case studies.

We address four cross-cutting research questions :

  • How does the coexistence of and confrontation between development models help reshape our understanding of situatedinnovation processes?
  • How to co-design innovations and support the actors in a diversity of development models ?
  • What is the role of organizations and institutions in the processes of situated innovation?
  • How to assess the effects and impacts of situated innovations?

We have six research groups :

  • Analysis et co-design of technical systems and agro-ecological innovation – Actina
  • Territorial innovations within the city-agriculture relationship – AgriCités
  • Food, Innovations, Territories and Regulations  – Alistar
  • Coexistence of and confrontation between different forms of agriculture in the territories – Cocktail
  • Food democracy in market dynamics – Dam
  • Innovation and research system in agriculture and food – Sira
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