PulvÉco®, a digital tool to enable wine growers to reduce their doses of crop protection products

PulvÉco® is a digital tool designed to help winegrowers to reduce doses of crop protection products, by leveraging the quality of spraying. The tool meets the objectives of the Ecophyto plan. It was developed within the EcoTech joint technological unit by the IVF-IRSTEA team, winner of the #DigitAg Challenge, made up of Mathilde Carra, Adrien Vergès and Xavier Delpuech.

PulvÉco® is the result of research conducted by IFV and IRSTEA  within the EcoTech joint technological unit. Xavier Delpuech (Institut de la Vigne et du Vin) and Mathilde Carra (IRSTEA ITAP) explain:

With our EvaSprayViti testbed, we tested more than 30 vineyard sprayers, with different settings, and at different stages of plant development. We have a database of more than 500 measurements. PulvÉco® builds on this database to propose dose reductions for winegrowers, according to the quality of spraying.

How does it work? When wine growers wish to find out about the spraying quality of their equipment, they can go on the PulvÉco website. The first function of the tool consists in comparing the spraying quality of different devices. Users first choose the phenological stage of their vines, then the devices they wish to compare. A coloured dot indicates the quality of spraying, and tooltips provide additional information about settings. The second function consists in assessing the potential for dose reduction linked to the performance of the sprayer. Winegrowers choose a device, as well as its settings and a phenological stage. In return, PulvÉco® calculates the potential for dose reduction, associated with the performance of the device.

PulvÉco® is freely available on the Internet, after registration on the website. Winegrowers can thus prepare their spraying campaign, and protect their vines in an environmentally-friendly manner and at lower cost.

Contacts : mathilde.carra [AT] irstea.fr – xavier.delpuech [AT] vignevin.com – adrien.verges [AT] vignevin.com