PhenoHarmonIS 2018: Semantics for Harmonization and Integration of Phenotypic and Agronomic Data

PhenoharmonIS 2018 will be held in Montpellier from 14 to 18 May 2018. The workshop will focus on harmonization of germplasm, phenotypic and agronomic data for plants. Scientific domains tackled will include conservation, breeding including the needs of Participatory Varietal Selection, quality traits, agronomy and agro-ecology with its specific needs for surveys.

Scientists of each domain will be invited to provide their feedback on standards and tools they have used in their data management and analytic process, sharing the success stories, issues and gaps.

As per the recommendation made by the participants in 2016, PhenoHarmonIS 2018 workshop will assess progress made since 2016 by the community in adopting, further developing and connecting the largely accepted standards and tools into a functional workflow.

Demonstration, hands-on and training sessions will be included for both users and developers on:

  • Crop Trait Dictionaries development and curation, on the use of agriculture relevant ontologies: GO, CO, AgrO, ENVO, Planteome ontologies , Plant Penotype Experiment Ontology and more
  • Use of metadata standards : MIAPPE, ISA-TAB
  • Look up services : EBI-OLS, etc
  • Annotation tools: COPO
  • Data interoperability tools : Breeding API (BrAPI)
  • Applications in breeding and agronomy fieldbooks : AGROFIMS, BMS, HIDAP, FieldTask, etc
  • Use in agro-ecological surveys
  • Use in repositories/databases : Dataverse, Planteome, BMS, NextGen Dabases, CeRes, etc.

Group discussions will be conducted around the priorities identified by the consultation of the Ontology CoP of the CGIAR Big Data Platform, which are:

  1. Reaching a community agreement on what are the criteria for selecting ontologies to use in agricultural information systems and repositories? What makes an ontology a reference?
  2. Defining features of a model ontology-driven annotation tool
  3. Defining an adequate a term submission and validation workflow
  4. Principles for producing a functional ontology mash-up for  agricultural data annotation

We will also discuss Improvement of environment variables for standards like MIAPPE and the use of Environmental Ontology, PECO,etc and
the use of ontologies for image tagging, text and data mining.


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