[Defended thesis] Sarah Valentin: Extraction and aggregation of information from multi-source data for international monitoring of infectious animal diseases

Sarah defended her thesis on Thursday 24th September at 3.30 pm, at the Maison de la Télédétection, (room Silva/Saltus/Ager)

Sarah’s PhD is #DigitAg-labeled

Extraction and aggregation of information from multi-source data for international monitoring of infectious animal diseases

  • Start Date: September 2017
  • University: MUSE Montpellier University of Excellence
  • PhD School: I2S (Information, Structures, Systèmes) Montpellier
  • Field(s): Computer Science, Epidemiology
  • Co-supervisors : Mathieu Roche (Cirad, UMR TETIS), Renaud Lancelot (Cirad, UMR ASTRE)
  • Funding: Cirad
  • #DigitAg: Labeled PhD – Challenge 8 – Axis 4 & 5

Keywords: epidemic intelligence, animal health, unstructured data, web


Monitoring animal health worldwide, especially the early detection of outbreaks of emerging and exotic pathogens, is one of the means of preventing the introduction of infectious diseases in France. In that context, the French epidemic intelligence team for international monitoring of animal health has created a tool dedicated to automatic surveillance of electronic media. This tool is based on a text mining approach, which detects, collects, classifies and extracts information from non-structured textual data available in the media reports on the Web. In addition to methodological improvements (spatial uncertainty, automatic classification), the thesis will focus on identification, combination and qualification of information and indicators from multi-sources data to detect the emergence of animal diseases.


Contact:  sarah.valentin [AT] cirad.fr – 07 81 89 28 50

Réseaux : LinkedInResearchGate

Communications /Publications

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