[PhD’s Corner] Kevin Fauvel: Data science techniques for a sustainable dairy management

Kevin Fauvel is one of the #DigitAg co-funded PhDs



Data science techniques for a sustainable dairy management

  • Start Date: Octobrer 2017
  • University: Bretagne Loire
  • PhD SchoolMathSTIC  Rennes
  • Field(s): Data Sciences, Computer Sciences
  • Doctoral Thesis Advisor: Alexandre Termier (Université de Rennes – Inria), Philippe Faverdin (INRA)
  • Co-supervisors : Véronique Masson  (Inria)
  • Funding: #DigitAg – Inria
  • #DigitAg:  Co-funded PhD – Axis 5 – Challenge 4


Keywords: Machine learning, pattern mining, IoT, precision livestock farming


The use and analysis of data acquired in dairy farming is a challenge both for data science and for animal science. Its goal is to improve farming conditions (health, welfare and environment) as well as farmers’ income. Nowadays, animals are monitored by multiple sensors giving a wealth of heterogeneous data (ex. temperature, weight, milk composition). Current techniques used by animal scientists focus mostly on mono-sensor approaches. The dynamic combination of several sensors could provide new services and information useful for dairy farming. In order to study such combination of several sensors, this PhD will be based on machine learning and pattern mining algorithms. The challenge is to design new algorithms taking into account such data heterogeneity, both from their nature and time scales, and to produce patterns that are actually useful for dairy management. This thesis will be an original and important contribution to the new challenge of the IoT and will interest domain actors to find new added value to a global data analysis. The PhD will take place in an interdisciplinary setting between computer scientists of INRIA and animal scientists of INRA, both located in Rennes.


Contact:  kevin.fauvel [AT] inria.fr

Networks: LinkedIn


Kevin Fauvel (Inria), Véronique Masson (Univ. Rennes), Philippe Faverdin (INRA) and Alexandre Termier (Univ. Rennes) (2018). Data Science Techniques for Sustainable Dairy Management.  ERCIM News 113, April 2018, Special theme: Smart Farming (short article)