PhDs : campaign 2017

#DigitAg offers PhD grants for interdisciplinary research topics, co-funded by member institutions

Most: Doctoral students will also receive assistance to finance their work (equipment, conferences …).

  • Interested in a topic? You must contact the researchers mentioned below.


Adaptative Constrained Optimization for Spatial Sampling in Precision Agriculture

  • Research units: MISTEA & ITAP
  • Co-funding: Montpellier SupAgro
  • Contact : philippe-vismara [at]
Using data mining techniques to improve dairy management

  • Research units: LACODAM (INRIA) & PEGASE (INRA) – Rennes
  • Co-funding: INRIA
  • Contact: alexandre-termier [at]
Modeling of nutrient utilization and precision feeding of lactating sows

  • Research units: LACODAM (INRIA) & PEGASE (INRA) – Rennes
  • Co-funding: INRA
  • Contact: jean-yves.dourmad [at]
Optical sensors for the characterization of spray deposition (COnCOrDE)

  • Research units: ITAP (Irstea), IES (University of Montpellier), Montpellier SupAgro & IFV (ACTA)
  • Co-funding: Irstea
  • Contact: ryad.bendoula [at]