MUSE: Montpellier University of Excellence was awarded the label I-SITE!

This is a major success for the entire Montpellier scientific community and great recognition of its potential and projects: the Montpellier University of Excellence (MUSE) project was awarded the I-SITE label (Initiatives – Science – Innovation – Territories – Economy) by an international jury, on February 21, 2017


The I-SITE MUSE Montpellier University of Excellence is part of the Investment For The Future Programme (PIA 2) and aims at making Montpellier one of the European capitals for Health and the Agro-environment. The goal is to accelerate the momentum of Montpellier site, which is internationally recognised for its expertise in research, training and innovation in these major areas of great social significance. The I-SITE label will strengthen the partnership between the actors of the socio-economic world and MUSE; the pole of scientific excellence.


MUSE includes:

  • the University of Montpellier
  • 10 research institutes (BRGM-CEA-Cirad-CNRS-Ifremer-Inra-Inria-Inserm-IRD-Irstea),
  • 4 higher-education school (Architecture Montpellier-Chimie Montpellier-Mines d’Alès- Montpellier SupAgro),
  • 3 University Hospitals and Institute (CHU Montpellier-CHU Nîmes-Institut du Cancer de Montpellier)
  • 1 intergovernmental organization institute (CIHEAM-IAMM)


MUSE: Global Scientific Vision
MUSE: Global Scientific Vision


#DigitAg, 1st example of MUSE Convergence Institutes

#DigitAg is the first example of MUSE Convergence Institutes, selected by the PIA. MUSE also envisions them as powerful and structuring tools that will help to cross barriers not only between disciplines but also between teams or institutions. They are part of MUSE efforts for both integration and socio-economic impact.


MUSE Coordinator: François Pierrot, Vice President, in charge of innovation and partnership with industries at University of Montpellier; and Senior Research in Robotics (CNRS)

Press Contact: Anne Delestre


Press release (in French)