AgroTIC: The Digital Agriculture Business Chair

What role for everyone in tomorrow’s digital agriculture?

For the companies, what positioning to choose and what new services to develop according to needs?

For the operators, what added value to expect, how much credibility can be granted?

How can we maximize on these new opportunities and integrate them on the farm?

The AgroTIC business chair is a link between the world of research and the business world

The agricultural research engineering schools Montpellier SupAgro and Bordeaux Sciences Agro, along with Irstea research institute established the AgroTIC Digital Agriculture Chair to reinforce communication between training, research, and business entities involved in digital farming. No less than 23 large companies, cooperatives, SMEs, and startups are partners of this unique chair in France.

Aims and Objectives

  • Strengthening the link between training and research
  • Studying the uses of digital agriculture, carrying out sectoral watch
  • Studying new services, emerging technologies
  • Identifying research-business-student skills
  • Encouraging the dissemination of digital technologies in agriculture

Axes & Actions

Monitoring the digital transition (research, uses, ICT in other sectors)

  • To run the Digital Agriculture Observatory to produce an annual, qualitative and quantitative inventory on the adoption and dissemination of digital technologies in all the sectors of French and occasionally, European agriculture.
  • To draw up an inventory of the training needs of professionals in digital agriculture, all sectors and all trades combined (farmers, technicians, advisers, etc.).
  • To organize seminars to review the applications and uses of a specific technology in agriculture: state of the art, overview of existing products and services, testimonials.

Exploring opportunities for emerging technologies

  • Organize and animate the Innov’Agro Challenge to get students involved in the dynamics of innovation and creativity: students are challenged to invent new services for agriculture and / or the environment. During this training exercise, students work in multidisciplinary teams: AgroTIC students are mixed with students from computer science and business schools. Students and companies benefit from privileged exchanges during this exploration of new technologies and services.
  • Consider the opportunity for emerging technology, in terms of new uses or new services. The studies are conducted by the team’s engineers with the support of the technical resources of the supporting institutes and the technical partners.
  • Mobilize the Project Emergence Fund to rapidly deploy resources for a new application, and thus, quickly take advantage of opportunities and news.

Identify skills for new collaborations

  • Award the Digital Agriculture Entrepreneur Scholarship to support an innovative entrepreneurship in digital agriculture.
  • Map the research actors in Digital Agriculture in France and in Europe, to allow each one to easily identify a potential partner.
  • Organize collective visits of research laboratories to bring together companies and research laboratories. The Chair team will identify the laboratories and organize visits for professionals and students.


Contact : Léo Pichon (Montpellier SupAgro)