[Partner Researcher’s CfP] Get into #DigitAg as a Partner Researcher

Becoming a partner reasercher, you will be able to get into the #DigitAg scientific community and take part in the Convergence Lab scientific facilitation

A Partner researcher is a researcher, teaching-researcher, or PhD student who:

  • works in the fields of #DigitAg
  • does not work within a member institute of #DigitAg (INRAE, Cirad, Inria, Université de Montpellier, Institut Agro, Acta and AgroParisTech)
  • shows interest in joining the #DigitAg community

Apply to the Partner Researcher’s CfP

To apply, please fill in this form

Your application will be studied by the Executive Board and a prompt reply will be sent to you.


Contact #DigitAg :  marjorie.domergue [AT] inrae.fr