Food Agility-#DigitAg meeting: exchanges and partnerships in view

After Simon Cook in October, #DigitAg received Mike Briers, CEO of Food Agility (Australia) in Montpellier on 8 November 2018, with the goal of identifying the skills of our teams and discussing future exchanges and joint actions. Mike Briers met the #DigitAg management team, that of MUSE, the Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation Hub and several colleagues and doctoral students at #DigitAg.

The first common interests with #DigitAg identified are:

  • Student exchanges: we agreed to inform one another of opportunities for theses and post-doctoral positions.
  • Participation in the construction of an “On-farm experimentation” (OFE) consortium. On-farm experimentation is an original way of producing knowledge that involves farmers in research. This process can be facilitated by digital tools, hence the high value of #DigitAg for the OFE process being launched in Australia.
    • #DigitAg will study the means of implementing this process in France, and more specifically in the Occitanie region.
    • An OFE Consortium side event will be organised in connection with the ECPA international conference in July 2019.
  • Food Agility has developed expertise on a water quality monitoring mechanism used to optimise oyster production. Exchanges are planned on this subject.