[VIDEOS] ECPA 2019: 12th European Conference on Precision Agriculture, 8-11 July 2019, Montpellier (France)

Back to France and to Montpellier for ECPA, the European Conference on Precision Agriculture! Taking advantage of the location of Montpellier on the Mediterranean coast, the 2019 edition was an opportunity to focus on precision farming applied to small Mediterranean farms & the South.

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ECPA 2019 Timetable  |  Book of Abstracts of all the Posters  | Precision Agriculture 19 – Conference Proceedings

A big thank you to the keynote speakers for the interviews!

Jean-Baptiste Féret (Irstea, TETIS, France)


Benjamin Kwasi Addom (CTA, Team Leader ICTs for Agriculture)


Sofía Cilla (ESSP, Spain)


Alexandre Escolà (Univ. Lleida – Agrotecnio Center, Catalonia, Spain)


Contact: ecpa2019@agrotic.org

Website: http://ecpa2019.agrotic.org/ – Twitter: #ECPA2019