#DigitAg’s Digital Showcase

The digital showcase of #DigitAg gathers demonstrators resulting from the valorization of selected work results of the doctoral and post-doctoral students. Examples of digital tools proposed by the research teams of the community are also presented.

#DigitAg’ demonstrators

These tools have been developed or are being developed by the #DigitAg IT team, in collaboration with the PhD candidates.

Apex Territoire: Visualizing the vegetative growth of the vine at the territory scale

C-REAL GAME: A serious game for grain farmers to appropriate futures contracts and options and reach their selling price

La juste dose: Determining the dose of phytosanitary product to be applied according to the characteristics of the vegetation and the sprayer used

Crop2ML & CyML: A crop modelling metalanguage and translator to facilitate understanding and reuse of shared models by non-programmers

Automatic sharing of high-throughput phenotyping data using scientific workflows

Walis : Determine the date of phytosanitary treatment for your crop using a decision-support tool that takes into account the uncertainty of weather conditions

Other digital tools by #DigitAg community

Contact: contact [AT] hdigitag.fr