In the digital age, it is essential to train girls so that they can fully enter a rapidly changing economic and professional world. DigiFilles is an operation that aims to promote digital training and jobs in order to attract a greater number of young women and to encourage new vocations. The objectives of the DigiFilles are clear: to encourage girls to open up the field of possibilities and to dare to go digital!

To achieve this, DigiFilles is offering five-day immersive internships in laboratories involving digital technology to a hundred teenage girls of Montpellier area secondary schools. 

Initiated by #DigitAg, the Digital agriculture Convergence Laboratory supported by INRAE, in partnership with the Data Science Institute (ISDM), DigiFilles brings together research organisations (CIRAD, INRIA) and higher education and research establishments (University of Montpellier, L’Institut Agro-Montpellier SupAgro), which open their laboratories, for operational and concrete group internships (maximum of 7 girls).

Each internship is supervised by a female tutor: women researchers, engineers, technicians, doctoral students or women working in our support services. In addition, the group meet other persons who enlighten them on the fields of study, opportunities and interest of their jobs. Watch our video (below) on the subject!