PhD Corner: all students & their research topics

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  1. Romain Gautron: Reinforcement learning for developing country agriculture: a virtual personal adviser for risk mitigation and multi-objectives optimization
    Axis 1, Challenge 5 – with Marc Corbeels, Cirad AIDA & Eric Malezieux, Cirad HortSys #3
  2. Théo Martin: Digital agriculture – The question of labor in agricultural holdings
    Axis 1 – Challenges: cross-cutting subject – with Pierre Gasselin (Inra Innovation) & François Purseigle (ENSAT UMR Agir) #3
  3. Loïc Sadou: Use of agent-based simulation and argumentation theory to better understand the diffusion and appropriation of digital tools in agriculture
    Axis 1 – Challenges: cross-cutting subject – with Patrick Taillandier (Miat, Inrae), Rallou Thomopoulos (Miat, Inrae) and Stéphane Couture (Miat, Inrae)
  4. Mauro Florez: Digital Transition in Agriculture – Description of its deployment and impact on the position of farmers in the value chain
    Axis 1 & 2 – Challenges 7 & 5 – with Isabelle Bourdon (Université de Montpellier, MRM ) et Isabelle Piot-Lepetit (Inra, MOISA),  Karine Gauche (Montpellier SupAgro, MOISA) et Magali Aubert (Inra, MOISA) #3
  5. George Aboueldahab: Digital technologies in the agroecological transition: development, contributions and challenges of opensource organizations geared to small farmers
    Axis 1 & 2 – Challenges : transversal & 7 – Florence Palpacuer, Université de Montpellier MRM, Florence Palpacuer, Université de Montpellier MRM et Myriam Kessari,  CIHEAM-IAMM #3
  6. Margaux Lapierre: Pesticide use reduction, risks and value of digital information in agriculture
    Axis 1,3,6 – Challenges 3&5 – Douadia Bougherara, CEE-M, Inrae – Marc Willinger, CEE-M, Université de Montpellier – Sophie Thoyer, CEE-M, Inrae – François Brun, Acta – Emmanuelle Gourdain, Arvalis
  7. Anna Sow: Transformation of Sahel’s pastoralism value chains in the digital age: Can participative information systems support market access for herders?
    Axis 1&4 – Challenges 6&7 – with Marc Piraux,Tetis, Cirad and Jean-Daniel Cesaro, Selmet, Cirad
  8. Laura TomassoLegal study of digital platforms in the area of Digital Agriculture.
    Axis 2 (cross-cutting subject) – with Agnès Robin, UM Dynamiques du Droit #1
  9. Boris Biao: Is innovation in smart agriculture responsible?
    Axis 2  (cross-cutting subject) – with leila.temri [AT] #2
  10. Noémie Bechtet: Digitalisation and transformation of agricultural R&D: new service models for new agricultural models?
    Axis 2 (cross-cutting subject) – with Pierre Labarthe, Inra, AGIR #3
  11. Laëtitia Lemière: Augmented reality to support agroforestry systems design
    Axis 2 (cross-cutting subject) – with Marc Jaeger, Inrae, AbSyS
  12. Maëva Durand: Integrated automated on real-time welfare and health assessment of gestating sows using heterogeneous data for precision feeding
    Axis 2&5 (cross-cutting subject) – with Jean-Yves Dourmand, Pegase, Inrae/Charlotte Gaillard, Pegase, Inrae and Christine Largouët, Irisa, Inria
  13. Baptiste OgerAdaptative Constrained Optimization for Spatial Sampling in Precision Agriculture.
    Axis 3 (cross-cutting subject) – with Bruno Tisseyre & Philippe Vismara, MISTEA – ITAP, Montpellier SupAgro #1-Defended
  14. Héloïse Villessèche: Combinations from optical sensors and omics technologies to assess multiple and combined stress during wheat growth
    Axis 3, Challenge 3 – with Ryad Bendoula, ITAP, Irstea, Pierre Roumet, INRA, AGAP, Martin Ecarnot, INRA, AGAP, Nathalie Gorretta, Irstea, ITAP, Elsa Ballini, Montpellier SupAgro, BGPI #3
  15. Cyrille Ahmed MidingoyiSemantic and modular representation of plant growth model using a declarative metalanguage.
    Axis 4 (cross-cutting subject) – with Pierre Martre, INRA LEPSE #1 – Defended
  16. Rodrique Kafando: Integration and analysis of massive and heterogeneous data for an
    intelligent observation/monitoring of the territory (labelled)
    Axis 4 (cross-cutting subject) – with Maguelonne Teisseire, Tetis, Inrae #3- Defended
  17. Urcel Kalenga: Definition, design and evaluation of an information system for pastoralism
    Axis 4 & 5 , Challenge 4 – with Magali Jouven (Montpellier SupAgro SELMET), Maguelonne Teisseire (Irstea TETIS), Lucile Sautot (AgroParisTech TETIS) #3
  18. Luis Felipe Vargas Rojas, Combining Semantic Web and modelling approaches for organizing phenotyping data collected at different scales of plant organization
    Axis 4, 6 – Challenge 2 – with François Tardieu, LEPSE, Inra, Llorenç Cabrera-Bosque, LEPSE, Inra  & Danai Symeonidou, MISTEA, Inra #3
  19. Priscilla Keip: Selecting pesticidal plants for animal and plant health in Africa using exploratory conceptual navigation- Defended
    Axis 5 (cross-cutting subject) – with  marianne.huchard [AT] – Université de Montpellier (LIRMM) / Cirad (AIDA) – (financement Cirad) #2
  20. Jacques Fize: Matching between massive and heterogeneous data : application to biodiversity data (labelled)
    Axis 5 (cross-cutting subject) – with Mathieu Roche, Cirad Tetis & Maguelonnes Teisseire, Irstea Tetis – Defended
  21. Maxime Metz: Applying big data methodologies to improve the chemometrics local-PLS algorithms
    Axis 5 (cross-cutting subject) with jean-michel.roger [AT] – UMR ITAP – Co-encadrement : Cirad SELMET et Inria Zenith #2- Defended
  22. Kaaviya Velumani: Continuous monitoring of crop development from IoT sensors fixed in the field
    Axis 5 – Challenge 2 – with frederic.baret [AT], UMR EMMAH Capte (Avignon) #2- Defended
  23. Caroline Xavier: High-speed phenotyping of body and carcass composition of the growing cattle by 3D imaging and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) coupled by machine learning
    Axis 5 – Challenge 4 – with Yannick Le Cozler, UMR Pegase, Institut Agro et Sylvain Lerch, UR Afpa, Université de Lorraine #3
  24. Josie Signe: Animal welfare : characterizing the diversity within livestock with data mining methods used on data from dairy herd sensors
    Axis 5 – Challenge 4 – with Alexandre Termier, Lacodam, Inria
  25. Girault-Bogue Gnanguenon-GuesseModelling and viewing relations between agrienvironmental time courses and product quality using a parsimonious Bayesian approach.
    Axes 5 & 6 – Challenges 1, 5 & 7 – with Bénédicte Fontez et Nadine Hilgert, INRA MISTEA #1 – defended
  26. Rémi Mahmoud: Modeling the performance of annual intercrops. An approach combining functional ecology and data science
    Axes 5,6 – Challenge 1, with Nadine Hilgert,  Inra MISTEA, Pierre Casadebaig & Noémie Gaudio, Inra, AGIR #3
  27. Daniel Pasquel: Metrics to assess the spatialisation of crop models for Precision Agriculture: application to a vine water status model
    Axis 5&6 – Cross-cutting subject – with James Taylor, Itap, Inrae/ Bruno Tisseyre, Itap, L’Institut Agro – Montpellier SupAgro / Sébastien Roux, Mistea, Inrae
  28. Enzo Castro: Exploiting multi-year high-resolution Sentinel image time series for a better understanding of fallow dynamics in West Africa
    Axis 5&6 – with Agnès Bégué (UMR Tetis, Cirad), Raffaele Gaetano (Tetis, Cirad), Louise Leroux (Aida, Cirad)
  29. Eva López Fornieles: Potential for combining time series of multispectral and radar satellite data to develop spatialized variables of vine development at the regional scale: application to the estimation of growth and its cessation and integration into a spatialized water status model
    Axis 6 & 5, Challenges 5 & 3 – with Bruno Tisseyre (Montpellier SupAgro, ITAP), James Taylor (INRAE, ITAP), Nicolas Devaux (Montpellier SupAgro, LISAH), Jean Michel-Roger (INRAE, ITAP), Sébastien Roux (INRAE, MISTEA), Christian Gary (INRAE SYSTEM) #3 – defended
  30. Ellen Laclef: Design of innovative breeding systems using alternative methods to hormonal treatments in the management of the reproduction of small dairy ruminants
    Axis 6 & 2, Challenges 4 & 1 – with Eliel Gonzalez-Garcia, INRA, SELMET, Amandine Lurette (INRA, SELMET), Patrick Taillandier (INRA, MIAT), et Nathalie Debus (INRA, SELMET) #3
  31. Benjamin Deneu: Interpretability of distribution models of plant species communities learned through deep learning – Application to crop weeds in the context of agro-ecology
    Axis 5, & Challenge 1 – with Alexis Joly, Inria, LIRMM, François Munoz, Université Grenoble Alpes, Pierre Bonnet,Cirad, AMAP and Maximilien Servajean, Université de Montpellier, LIRMM #3
  32. Léonard TorossianMetamodeling and robust optimization – application to ideotype design under climatic uncertainty (labelled)
    Axis 6 – with Robert Faivre, INRA MIAT Toulouse #1
  33. Elie Najm: Knowledge representation and reasoning for agro-ecological systems
    Axe6 – Challenge 1 – with Marie-Laure Mugnier – Inria LIRMM & Christian Gary – INRAE SYSTEM #3
  34. Adrien Cotil: Implementation of statistical algorithms for the early detection of pathologies in farm animals
    Axises 6, 2, 3 – Challenge 4 with Bertrnad Cloez, Mistea, Inrae and Jean-Baptiste Menassol, Selmet, Institut Agro
  35. Mario Serouart: Characterization of maize response to the competition: effects of stand structure and regularity on crop performance
    Axises 6, 2, 3 – Challenges 1&2 with Frederic Baret&Raul Lopez-Lozano, Emmah, Inrae – Jean-Charles Deswarte & Benoît de Solan, Acta, Arvalis Institut du végétal
  36. Eléonore Schnebelin: The Innovation System of Digital Agriculture facing the ecological transition
    Challenge 1 & Axis 2 with jean-marc.touzard [AT] – INRA, UMR INNOVATION #2- Defended
  37. Myriam Allo: Agricultural land use, land use changes and agricultural practices:  impacts on soil carbon stocks in tropical volcanic environment. Spatial approach and simulation applied to Reunion Island (labelled)
    Challenge 1, Axis 6, with pierre.todoroff [AT] AIDA #1- Defended
  38. Ivana AleksovskaImprove short- and medium-term predictions of agronomic models by better taking into account the uncertainty of weather forecasts.
    Challenge 1 – with François Brun, Acta #1 – Defended
  39. Lucien Imorou: Territorial approach to pest management to reduce the use of insecticides in cotton growing in Benin (labelled)
    Challenge 1, Axis 6 – with Thierry Breuvault, AIDA, Cirad – #3
  40. Benjamin Tiffon-Terrade: Analysis and modelling of effects of dynamic shading on grapevine development and berry ripening and quality (labelled)
    Challenge 1, Axis 6, with Thierry Simonneau, Lepse, Inrae – #3
  41. Maxime RyckewaertPotential of aerial acquisition of high spectral /low spatial resolution information for plant phenotyping (labelled).
    Challenge 2 – with  Nathalie Gorretta, Irstea ITAP #1 Defended
  42. Gaëtan HeidsieckDistributed Management of Scientific Workflows for High-Throughput Plant Phenotyping.
    Challenge 2 – with Esther Paciti, Inria Zenith Lirmm #1 – defended
  43. Etienne David: Design of Deep Learning methods for crops characterization (labelled)
    Challenge 2 – with Frédéric Baret, Inra Emmah Avignon #2- Defended
  44. Hong Anh Nguyen: Connecting the dots between high-throughput phenotyping platforms and crop models
    Challenge 2, Axis 6 – with Bertrand Müller, Lepse, Inrae #3
  45. Anis Taleb BendiabOptical sensors for the characterization of a spray deposition.
    Challenge 3 – with Ryad Bendoula, Irstea ITAP #1- Defended
  46. Mathilde ChenDisease risk analysis for wheat and vine by combining regional survey data and local expert knowledge (labelled).
    Challenge 3 – with François Brun, Acta #1 – Defended
  47. Anice CheraietExperimental and statistical modeling of relations between morphological characteristics of grapevine and spraying deposits: application to precision agriculture.
    Challenge 3 – with Sébastien Codis, Acta / ITAP #1 – Defended
  48. Paul Tresson: Quantification of pest regulation by generalist predators by analysis of image sequence to determine and quantify network of interactions, case of the banana weevil
    Challenge 3, Axes 5 & 3 with philippe.tixier [AT], UPR GECO #2-Defended
  49. Hieu Nguyen Ba: On the use of voluntary feed intake for automatic detection and characterization the response of growing pigs to perturbations (labelled)
    Challenge 4 – with Jaap Van-Milgen, INRA PEGASE Rennes #1- Defended
  50. Raphaël GauthierNutritional requirements modelling and precision feeding of lactating sows.
    Challenge 4 – with Jean-Yves Dourmad, INRA Rennes PEGASE #1 – Defended
  51. Kevin FauvelEnhancing Performance and Explainability of Multivariate Time Series Machine Learning Methods: Applications for Social Impact in Dairy Resource Monitoring and Earthquake Early Warning
    Challenge 4 –  with Alexandre Termier, Inria Rennes Lacodam #1- Defended
  52. Sarah ValentinExtraction and aggregation of information from multi-source data for international monitoring of infectious animal diseases
    Axes 4 & 5- Challenge 8 – with Mathieu Roche and Renaud Lancelot (Cirad) #1- Defended
  53. Gaëlle Lefort: Integrating metabolomic data by quantification of high throughput data. Application to perinatal mortality in pig
    Challenge 4 & Axis 5 – with Nathalie Villa-Vialaneix, nathalie.villa-vialaneix [at] Inrae, Miat Toulouse #2- Defended
  54. Corentin Leroux:  Pre-processing and zoning within field yield monitor data: Towards site specific nutrient balances (labelled)
    Axis 6 – with Bruno Tisseyre, Montpellier SupAgro ITAP #1 – Defended
  55. Chloé AlexandreUse of New Information and Communication technologies for Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS): which effects on AEAS conception and provision? Which effects on producers’ learning processes?
    Challenge 5 – Axis 1 & 2 – with Guy Faure, Cirad Innovation #1
  56. Gabriel Volte: Interactive exact optimisation for numerical services to agriculture
    Challenge 5 & Axis 6 – with rodolphe.giroudeau [AT] – Université de Montpellier – LIRMM #2-Defended
  57. Louis Rénier:  Online communities and digital technologies to produce and exchange knowledge for agroecology (labelled).
    Challenges 5 & 1, Axes 1 & 2 – with frederic. goulet [AT] Innovation & Aurélie Cardona Inra Ecodéveloppement #2
  58. Arthur Crespin-Boucaud: Cropping system monitoring using satellite time series and spatial modeling : study case in Madagascar Highlands (labelled)
    Challenge 6 & Axis 6 – with agnes.begue [AT] #1 – Defended
  59. Léo Pichon: Methods for assessing quality of data coming from high spatial and temporal resolution observations : the case of decision making in viticulture (labelled)
    Axis 3, 4 et 6 – Challenges 1 & 6 – with Véronique Bellon-Maurel, Irstea Ecotechnologies #1 – defended
  60. Giffona Justinia: Impact of digital development on farm performance and agglomeration dynamics (labelled without funding)
    Axis 1 – Challenges 1 & 6 – with Neija Ben Arfa, LARESS / ESA #1
  61. Narjiss Araba: The contribution of digital technology to the implementation of a price guarantee: application to cereal markets with futures and options.
    Challenge 7 – with Alain François-Heude,UM MRM #1- Defended
  62. Ysé Commandré: Distribute durably with digital? The case of fresh agricultural and food products
    Challenge 7 & Axe 1 with Sophie Mignon, sophie.mignon [AT] – Université de Montpellier MRM #2
  63. Felly Cadeau Rushigira: The information system in the governance of the value chain in the Ruzizi Plain in the DRCongo : what place for new information and communication technologies?
    Challenges 7 & 8 – Axe 2, with Patricio Mendez Del Villar (Cirad Tetis) & Nicolas Paget (Cirad Innovation)
  64. Vivien Kleinpeter: Spatially explicit modeling and multicriteria evaluation of organic materials recycling to promote a circular economy at the scale of La Réunion island (labelled)
    Challenge 7 – Axis 6, with Matthieu Lesnoff, Tom Wassenaar – CIRAD, Selmet #3
  65. Julien LamourAnalysis of spatialised data from production to improve agronomic diagnosis in banana plantations – Consideration of crop asynchronism (labelled)
    Challenge 8, with Olivier Naud, Irstea ITAP #1 Defended
  66. Julien SarronSpatial estimation of a perennial crop yield in West Africa : mango case study in Senegal (labelled)
    Challenges 1 & 8, with emile.faye [AT] & Eric Malézieux, Cirad Hortsys #1 – Defended
  67. Norontsoa Annie Hanitriniala Andriandralambo: Market information and entrepreneurship of peri-urban farmers in Antananarivo: Comparative analysis of the rice and vegetable value chains (labelled)
    Challenge 8 & Axis 1 – with Hélène David-Benz, Cirad MOISA #1
  68. Hugo Deléglise: Improving food security systems by linking heterogeneous data – The case of agricultural production in West Africa
    Challenge 8 & Axis 5  with agnes.begue [AT] #2- Defended
  69. Eléonore Schnebelin: The Innovation System of Digital Agriculture facing the ecological transition
    Challenge 1 & Axis 2 with jean-marc.touzard [AT] – INRA, UMR INNOVATION #2
  70. Jean-Eudes Yawogan Gbodjo: Leverage Multi-Source Remote Sensing data via machine learning to improve Crop Monitoring Systems:  a Cross-comparison between France and Senegal
    Challenge 8 & Axis 5 – with dino.ienco [AT] – UMR TETIS, Irstea (nov 2018–) #2- Defended