All our Digital Agriculture PhD students & their research topics

 2017-2018: 1st group of PhD Students

  1. Laura TomassoLegal study of digital platforms in the area of Digital Agriculture.
    Axis 2 – with Agnès Robin, UM Dynamiques du Droit
  2. Baptiste OgerAdaptative Constrained Optimization for Spatial Sampling in Precision Agriculture.
    Axis 3 – with Bruno Tisseyre & Philippe Vismara, MISTEA – ITAP, Montpellier SupAgro
  3. Cyrille Ahmed MidingoyiSemantic and modular representation of plant growth model using a declarative metalanguage.
    Axis 4 – with Pierre Martre, INRA LEPSE
  4. Léonard TorossianMetamodeling and robust optimization – application to ideotype design under climatic uncertainty (labelled)
    Axis 6 – with Robert Faivre, INRA MIAT Toulouse
  5. Girault-Bogue Gnanguenon-GuesseModelling and viewing relations between agrienvironmental time courses and product quality using a parsimonious Bayesian approach.
    Axis 5 & 6 – Challenges 1, 5 & 7 – ED I2S, chez Bénédicte Fontez et Nadine Hilgert, INRA MISTEA
  6. Corentin Leroux:  Pre-processing and zoning within field yield monitor data: Towards site specific nutrient balances (labelled)
    Axis 6 – with Bruno Tisseyre, Montpellier SupAgro ITAP
  7. Ivana AleksovskaImprove short- and medium-term predictions of agronomic models by better taking into account the uncertainty of weather forecasts.
    Challenge 1 – with François Brun, Acta
  8. Maxime RyckewaertPotential of aerial acquisition of high spectral /low spatial resolution information for plant phenotyping (labelled).
    Challenge 2 – with Alexia Gobrecht et Nathalie Gorretta, Irstea ITAP
  9. Gaëtan HeidsieckDistributed Management of Scientific Workflows for High-Throughput Plant Phenotyping.
    Challenge 2 – with Esther Paciti, Inria Zenith Lirmm
  10. Anis Taleb BendiabOptical sensors for the characterization of a spray deposition.
    Challenge 3 – with Ryad Bendoula, Irstea ITAP
  11. Mathilde ChenDisease risk analysis for wheat and vine by combining regional survey data and local expert knowledge (labelled).
    Challenge 3, with François Brun, Acta
  12. Anice CheraietExperimental and statistical modeling of relations between morphological characteristics of grapevine and spraying deposits: application to precision agriculture.
    Challenge 3 – with Sébastien Codis, Acta / ITAP
  13. Hieu Nguyen Ba: On the use of voluntary feed intake for automatic detection and characterization the response of growing pigs to perturbations (labelled)
    Challenge 4 – Jaap Van-Milgen, INRA PEGASE Rennes
  14. Raphaël GauthierNutritional requirements modelling and precision feeding of lactating sows.
    Challenge 4 –  with Jean-Yves Dourmad, INRA Rennes PEGASE
  15. Kevin FauvelData science techniques for a sustainable dairy management.
    Challenge 4 –  with Alexandre Termier, Inria Rennes Lacodam
  16. Chloé AlexandreUse of New Information and Communication technologies for Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS): which effects on AEAS conception and provision? Which effects on producers’ learning processes?
    Challenge 5 – Axis 1 & 2 – ED EDEG, Guy Faure, Cirad Innovation
  17. Narjiss Araba: The contribution of digital technology to the implementation of a price guarantee: application to cereal markets with futures and options.
    Challenge 7 – with Alain François-Heude,UM MRM
  18. Julien LamourStudy and spatial modeling of banana maturity (labelled)
    Challenge 8, with Olivier Naud, Irstea ITAP
  19. Julien SarronSpatial estimation of a perennial crop yield in West Africa : mango case study in Senegal (labelled)
    Challenges 1 & 8, Eric Malézieux, Cirad Hortsys
  20. Norontsoa Annie Hanitriniala Andriandralambo: Market information and entrepreneurship of peri-urban farmers in Antananarivo: Comparative analysis of the rice and vegetable value chains (labelled)
    Challenge 8 – with Hélène David-Benz, Cirad MOISA
  21. Léo Pichon: Methods for assessing quality of data coming from high spatial and temporal resolution observations : the case of decision making in viticulture (labelled)
    Axis 3, 4 et 6 – Challenges 1 & 6 – ED GAIA, with Véronique Bellon-Maurel, Irstea Ecotechnologies
  22. Giffona Justinia: Impact of digital development on farm performance and agglomeration dynamics (labelled without funding)
    Axis 1 – Challenges 1 & 6 – ED EDGE, with Neija Ben Arfa, LARESS / ESA
  23. Sarah ValentinExtraction and aggregation of information from multi-source data for international monitoring of infectious animal diseases
    Axis 4 & 5- Challenge 8 – ED I2S, with Mathieu Roche and Renaud Lancelot (Cirad)